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With a commitment to environmental stewardship and innovative technology, XCF Global Capital is transforming the way we think about air travel.

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We live in an exciting time with so many compelling green energy platforms racing to reduce the globe's carbon footprint. We are in the very beginning stages of sustainable aviation fuel in the United States and XCF is committed to being a leader in this space.

Mihir Dange, CEO


The Beginning

What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel?

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is synthetic kerosene derived from non-food feedstocks such as waste oils and fats, green and municipal waste and non-food crops. SAF is able to recycle CO2 absorbed by biomass during its lifetime rather than injecting new carbon into the system, reducing emissions by up to 80%. SAF is a 'drop-in' fuel, easily integrating with existing aviation infrastructure

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The Difference

What's the difference between SAF and traditional fuel?

SAF can be made from a variety of non-food feedstocks via multiple technical pathways, each with different levels of sustainability.

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The Future

The XCF Mission

To scale and operate clean fuel production facilities engineered to the highest levels of compliance, reliability and quality to produce sustainable aviation fuel and other biofuels.

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Industry Evolution Estimates



450K Flights Per Year

500 flights

2 million flights

33M+ Gallons Per Year

2M gallons

1.3B gallons

Countries with SAF Policies

2 countries

Potential Global Agreement

70% Avg. CO2 Reduction



$17B in Forward Purchase

$2.5 billion

>$30 billion

7 Technical Pathways

4 pathways

11 pathways

Join us in fueling green aviation!

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